We are a company that specialized in phone repair and  refurbishing LCDs. We are one of the best repair shop out there when it comes to phone repair refurbishing LCDs. While most repair shops just learned on the fly on how to fix your device and refurbishing LCDs. We at Refurbtech spent countless hours refining our techniques and have purchased top of the line equipment in order to give you a product that is flawless as manufactured. When it comes to refurbishing LCDs all the other companies out there only can refurbish OEM LCDs with less than 80% success rate. Meanwhile we can refurbish aftermarket and OEM LCDs with more than 95% success rate. Our process is very simple and straight forward you send us your broken lcds once we received it, first we test it and if the LCD is good we refurbish the LCDs for you with our top of the line equipment then we send you an invoice for you to pay and for you to verify what we are sending you back. After we received the payment, we carefully pack the LCDs and ship it back to you. If for any reason your items arrive damage through shipping or something else that might have gone wrong we are more than happy to work with you by either replacing the LCDs or give you your money back. Our technicians goes through a very rigid training in other for us to be able to give you a good service in return. they are very well trained and really love what they do so we take great repair care of your LCDs or device. We are very passionate about what we do and we strive to keep our customers happy at all times and they are very satisfied with the quality of services we provide. 

Our Story

Wendel Machoule the founder of Refurbtech always had an interest in electronics, back in 2007 while attending college in Oklahoma, He got a job working at a cellphone repair company fixing old flip phones to help pay for tuition. After graduation he moved back to his hometown and that’s when Smartphones where everywhere with the first couple iphones coming out. After seeing so many friends with broken smartphones, he figure out how to fix them and started selling the service online on Ebay and Craiglist and with the help of his friends Henderson Cius and John Eddy Cius they did thousands of LCD repairs and phone repairs out of their garage. Soon they out grew the garage and with the help of Marc Fertil together they Launch Refurbtech and open our first location in Naples, FL. Since then business been great with plan to expand with our great customer fan base support.

Our Values

At RefurbTech, your satisfaction is our main focus. To achieve this goal we are making sure that you have the best service with the highest quality, respect and protect your privacy, and finally back up what we said by making it happen.




We will have your device looking brand new like original because we take pride in our work


We offer a wide range of services from fixing your phones and computers to unlocking your phone, and also buying and selling phones.

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