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Please mail LCD’S to our location at:
4965 golden gate parkway
Naples, FL 34116

It’s simple, your LCD and touch must work. Meaning just the top glass is cracked but you can still use the phone normally, ex: like seeing pictures and be able to touch the lcd to navigate through the phone.

You send us the lcd and we test it to make sure we can refurbish it, then we work our magic to make the lcd look like new. After we complete the order we will send you an invoice to pay and after we receive payments we will ship the LCDs.

Yes we prefer original lcds, but we do work on after market also but are less likely to be successfully refurbish.

The process is very delicate and uses a lot of heat to take off broken glass of the LCD and the polarizer, therefore sometimes they will stop working and we will not be held responsible to replace or give full price for the LCD, but we will not charge for the LCD in if it’s not working properly after refurbishing.

Ours is 80-90 % depending if the lcd is original or aftermarket. I have not find another company out there that can do better than this, and almost all of them only deal with original LCDs.

Usually the aftermarket lcds are stamp and you can tell by looking at the flex cable. You can also compare one you know for sure is original with an aftermarket to notice to differences.

Depending on our back-log we will test the lcds within 24-72 hours and complete the order 3-5days depending on the quantity we received.


Please mail phone to our location at:
4965 golden gate parkway
Naples, FL 34103

Apple does not manufacture any parts, the parts they use on the iphone are from Chinese vendors and are assembled in china, our parts are from similar manufactures and vendors and we cannot tell the difference between our parts and apple parts.

We have a 90 days warranty on all repairs, if we fix your lcd and it’s defective we will replace for free, but if you break the lcd after you receive the phone we will not replace.

We have a 24-48 hours to fix and ship back your phone after we receive it.

No, you don’t have to remove the sim card, but you have to remove the password or provide us with the password so we can fully test it before shipping it back.

Yes we can tell you what’s wrong with your phone for free and if you decide to go with the repair we will tell you the price and you can decide to fix it or not.

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